Honoring Ginger Baker

Concert presented by Zildjian

Dec 7, 2008


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    London --

    A very special concert, with great musicians and a wonderful vibe, as Ginger Baker is honored by Zildjian Cymbals.

Some of the musicians you'll see pictured here include: Simon Phillips, Keith Carlock, Steve White, Tony Allen, Ray Russell, Steve Balsamo, Gary Husband,
Jack Bruce, and of course, Ginger Baker.
At the show, also comedian Al Murray.

We had a couple of days to rehearse, with various lineups.

The rehearsal studio...

If it looks like a train trestle, that's because it is... and when the trains came roaring overhead it added an interesting element to rehearsals!

And, as I looked at the table and chairs set up outside, I flashed back to King Crimson, rehearsing here, and taking coffee breaks in the same place.
(I'd have to dig deep through my negative archives to find the photo of that, but I'm quite sure it's there.)

Rehearsals involved a couple of rooms, different bands in each.

Meanwhile, Ginger rehearsed next door with a few different lineups.

A huge treat for me was getting to spend some time with legendary bassist Jack Bruce.

(You can almost hear the dialog between two bassists... "Yeah, I like that Gibson EB1, but then I tried the EB2 and it's got this mellow thing...")

The venue; the venerable Empire, in Shephards Bush.

Soundcheck hectic, as usual...

Backstage -- lots of fun...

There's Steve about to head onto stage... I'm thinking this page is getting pretty long, and may take ages to load on some browsers...

Time to write a page 2.


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