NAMM January 07
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Where were we? Oh yeah, midst the chaos.







Okay, that last one's not from the NAMM show at all, it's me at home, new year's day. I just felt like putting it in here.

What I was doing is trying to have a video conference among friends on Macs and PC's. Couldn't find a better way to make the cross platform thing work, so I took the primitive route. It worked, though.

Back to the serious stuff:






Sunday afternoon, as the show eased to an end, Beyerdynamic had a tv outlet at their booth, and some of us stopped all else to watch the playoff games.

My Pats lost - aargh - their season is over now, and so is the 07 NAMM exposition - I'm told it was the biggest ever, with something like 80,000 people attending. Sure seemed that way, especially on Saturday, when you could hardly move through the aisles.

I saw some great new things - notably a new Music Man 5 string Stingray that seems an improvement on the already great old one. Also, I liked the idea of Pignose Amp's guitar stand, not out for a few more months, that has a small bass amp built into it. And a break away guitar cord. Lots of new things coming this year.

On to other things now, and perhaps, in 2008, there'll be more pages here about the next one.


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