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         Just walking around looking at things... here are some of the more colorful:

Back at the Music Man booth, it's getting pretty crowded

Time for me to do my little demo

I'm wondering what I can play, alone, that'll be halfway interesting for these folks... then I spot a face in the group...

It's Guy Pratt, English bassist (Pink Floyd) and comedian, who I'd had breakfast with today... Perfect!

I roped him into coming onstage, strapped a Music Man bass on him, and we jammed.
(He started out by playing the Elephant Talk riff... clever devil!)

Here are some of the folks I ran into while walking around

Producer Eddie Kramer

Keyboardist Kim Bullard

Bassist Leland Sklar

Bassists Steve Bailey and Phil Chen

Guitarist Earl Slick (we discussed both having played on the new David Bowie album, though at different times.)

Bassist Billy Sheehan

Singer Talia Denis

Don't know who this guys is, but next to him, I look pretty young!

Saw some other friends, who I couldn't quite chat with because they were signing or filming...

John Petrucci

Steve Stevens

Victor Wooten

Bassists Corey Parks and Dug Pinnick

Tal Wilkenfeld

a few more shots from Saturday - the busiest day at the show...

Even at the hotel, there's a considerable line to get to the elevators

Another demo at the Music Man booth - and I again enlisted Sterling Ball to help out

So, with a shot of family and friends who were there at the booth, I'll end these pages about the NAMM 2013 exposition.
Perhaps again next year!


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