Spring, 2014

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Welcome to the web diary of the tour I'm going to call Coffee in Kiev.

I don't usually start tour diaries before the first show or two, but the way this tour is shaping up, it seems the details of the shows are worth sharing, even before we've hit the road.

The tour name is a reference to the fact that it's probably not the best time to be visiting the Ukraine, and with our schedule of back to back shows, we'll be in and out of Kiev so quickly it's almost like travelling there just to have a cup of coffee.

Our first show, though, is in Tel Aviv, and as I write this, the New York airports are bracing for a big snow storm, and all flights are questionable, so we can only hope we'll get our flights out somewhat on time.

The band will assemble there, from all over, and after the Tel Aviv show, there's very little time to linger -- a 6am flight! That usually means just pick up your suitcase from your hotel room and head to the airport for a groggy seat in the waiting lounge.

The second day, in Kiev, should be interesting, with, among other things, no wiggle time to get to soundcheck and set up the band... then another early morning flight, to Switzerland for a show that day. Next day the same, going to Copenhagen.

Soon after that, things get interesting in a different way, because we'll do most of the rest of the tour by bus, with a very full busload of band and crew. Europe band busses are different than U.S. ones, and though I've done some travel on them, never as much as this tour will have - so I'm expecting to have lots of time to write diary updates in my overnight bunk, but there might be days with no chance to upload them!

And, if the tour needed any more challenges... when we've finished the month's Crimson ProjeKCt shows around Europe, we in the Stick Men trio will go right from Riga, Latvia to Miami, Florida - to head out to sea on the Cruise to the Edge prog rock concert cruise.
If you're wondering how to pack for winter in Oslo, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and also a Caribbean cruise to Honduras and Mexico... I don't have the answer. But I do know that, with a lot of flights and heavy fees for overweight bags, we'll need to keep it to one suitcase that's under 50 pounds (guitar pedals counting for much of that). So, those of you who will be on the cruise with us, if you see us walking the deck wearing boots and heavy coats, you'll know why.

Gotta have at least one picture up on this page, so here's one from a previous trip to Kiev.

More soon, from Israel.



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