Spring, 2014

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It's a pretty town center, here in Mainz, and the venue is right there.

Navigating the huge bus through these small streets was a very impressive feat. Our driver, Stefan, had to back the bus to this spot.

I introduced all the tour people back at the start of this tour diary, but I'm thinking it might be time for a run through everybody's name again, with their photos

Ladies first, (especially when she's got her war face on!)
Julie Slick is playing bass:

Markus Reuter, playing touch guitar

Stefano DiCarlo is the lighting director

Robert Frazza, front of house sound

Erik Eskilesen is selling the merch

Tobias Ralph playing drums

as is Pat Masteloto

Andrea Pelligrini is doing our monitors

Francesco Grieco is our agent, promoter, and set the whole tour up. (no wonder he's busy on the phone!)

Adrian Belew on guitar and lead vocals:

Daniel Rowland is the guitar tech

Leaving me... I'll have to find another mirror and fill in that picture!

But, wait... better than the photos are the drawings Julie's been making of each of us.

She's gradually making up what she calls 'back lounge portraits' of each of us

Don't ask me what they mean, but I'll put up others as I find them around the bus!

Back to the show:

Start of the show, with Markus playing alone

Pat joins in

Most of what I got during the show was some shots of the audience

Hmm... looking those two pictures over, I see a couple, clearly not enjoying the show...

and then... they must have left early - their seats taken by a couple of guys who were enjoying it...

I suppose there are always some people not happy with the music... it happens - this music sure isn't the easiest to listen to.

Fortunately, the great majority seem to be enjoying these shows, and that's a lot of what makes it such fun for us onstage.

And we do have fun onstage.

Tonight we'll bus a bit, to the Essen area, and tomorrow we'll have the whole day off. AND, hotel rooms!


Essen - our day off was very restful, and wonderful. I don't know about the others but I didn't leave the hotel - opening the window was the closest I got to going anywhere!

This venue isn't quite as classic looking as some we've played.

at soundcheck, only one person there for the VIP package...

Hey... is that Peter Gabriel??

No, it wasn't.

Not many pictures tonight at the show -- sorry. Next up for us, an overnight bus ride to Pratteln, near Basel in Switzerland.

More soon.



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