Spring, 2014

page 12 - Pratteln & Prague shows



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Arrived early morning at the club here in Pratteln. It's called Z7, and is a real professional rock club... showers for us, wifi... even laundry machines.

Julie's added a Frazza drawing to her collection

A car for Pat to autograph!

A favorite moment in the show - Pat uses his squeeze panda in the traded drum solos with Tobias...

Great fun, as you can see.


Long bus drive after the show...

arrived in Prague at about noon, parked by the club and clambored in to find showers and some food.

The guys waiting for a way into the club to be found...

No time this trip to take photos of the beautiful city center -- but it's only last October that I did have the time,
and, if you like, you can check out my Prague photos from the Peter Gabriel tour.

Quiet backstage

Julie is trying out a Starbucks Head look...

I tried it too... not so easy to keep this bag on without some major hair help

Headed onstage...

The main thing about this show was the audience... very full, very enthusiastic, and they looked great

We heard that today was the 30th anniversary of the release of the album "Three of a Perfect Pair", so, in addition to doing that piece in the show, we also played Industry from the album.

Great fun for us.

After show, a greeting backstage from my friend Karel...

and it's back onto the bus for us. The drive to Chieti, Italy, will be a long one... plenty of time for me to study the Italian lyrics to Crack in the Sky, and see if I can memorize them for the shows in Italy.

More soon, from Italy.



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