Spring, 2014

page 3 - Nyon & Copenhagen shows


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March 6th was to have been our Kiev show, but it's been re-scheduled to next July, hoping things are better at that time.
However, we've still got our plane tickets, so we travelled from Tel Aviv to Kiev, then on to Geneva, near our next show, in Nyon.

Some would call that a 'day off'... I'll just summarize it and say it wasn't too easy!

March 7th, though, found us already in the nice city of Nyon, on Lake Geneva

(Ironically, those two pictures were taken with my cellphone, not my great SLR camera. It's amazing how quickly cellphones are upping their camera quality.)

At the venue...

The backline company (who have provided drums and amps for tonight's show) have a pretty creative name on their trucks.

I have some friends here, who kindly brought me gifts... the main neccessities of life on the road: vitamin C, and Fernet Branca!

Drummers are ready to go on...

They start... and Adrian is ready to hit the stage too...

It being one of the early shows, I didn't get many pictures during the songs, but a few of the audience

And, to round things out, here are some photos of the band, by a real photographer!

Jean-Marc Guelat took these:

back to mine, of the bow...

We had a good time, both at the show and in the lovely town.
The next morning found us headed to the airport again. The flights every day have us tempted to complain about the hours of travel, but we know next week we'll be doing overnight bus travel, and maybe we'll miss the flying... so no complaints at this time!

Copenhagen was having it's first sunny day in awhile, and everyone there in a great mood. Usualy I'd go walking around the harbors to get some photos, but very little time before soundcheck this time.

Met at the venue by a couple of nice gentlemen with some vinyl records to sign

Brought their own pens because they have a lot of records to sign!

a couple of shots during soundcheck:

In the show, I caught Pat during his vocal on Soup ...
'They built a supercollider down in Texas, 20 miles of tunnels they could pave... It cost so much they never finished it. Should have rented it out and had a rave.'

and, as before, the audience is looking great!

Apologies for not getting more pictures. It'll improve as we do more shows.

Ready to start a new page, but I did get up early the next morning, so I can end this page with a shot of Copenhagen



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