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Opening for Dream Theater

U.S. Tour - Summer 2012
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    July 2nd, Los Angeles

On the drive down from San Francisco - Markus working on our music, as usual, even when the van is cramped

Playing at Universal City, in the Gibson Amphitheatre venue

It's big!

Our equipment is outside the back, and the drummers are practicing, as usual

Some of the crew guys look... contemplative!

Dressing room is lovely, but Pat prefers the floor!

We're off

We seem to be having a blue show tonight!

A surprise - as in Kansas City, Danny Carey (of Tool) is here and sits in on drums

    July 3nd, Anaheim

Just a bit down the road, and we're setting up next to the stadium, in back of The Grove

Here's Danny Carey, sitting in again - always great to have him here as a third drummer!

    July 4th, El Paso

Day off for the long drive to El Paso.

Saw a lot of this:

But arrived at night (no fireworks going on!) and ready to play the next day.

Robert fixing my octave pedal ... I love the smell of solder in the morning!

Pat and Markus with TJ Rodriguez, the tour's production mgr

    July 6th, San Antonio

Left at 6am for the long drive to San Antonio - what a huge state Texas is.

The Majestic Theatre in San Antonio -- it's quite a place.

The moon is a lighting effect of the venue - this is indoors (in the afternoon.)

It's nice to get a chance to wander through the theater before soundcheck and see what it's like.

Here's how things look to the sound engineer, as they try out the lights.

Backstage, things are much more normal...

My rig, with Ampeg bass and guitar amps, QXC speaker for monitor - all aimed at me so I can hear well - it's the PA that carries my signal to the house.

Adrian is also glad to be done with that 8 hour drive

Lately some of the photos are coming out better than usual... I think my little camera knows that I am looking at getting a new one!

Austin tomorrow - more soon.


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