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Opening for Dream Theater

U.S. Tour - Summer 2012
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    July 7, still San Antonio

Ended the last page with our San Antonio show, but the day wasn't quite over.

And this is a classic example of road life -- sometimes you win, sometimes you lose -- sometimes it seems you're a king, sometimes a bum.

For after the show, we had a hotel booked out at the airport, sort of in the direction of tomorrow's drive to Austin, but they had given our rooms away. So when we got there, they gave us a voucher to stay at another hotel they'd arranged, which they'd be billed for.

That one was in a different direction, not where we wanted to go at all... and pretty late at night, in the van, it was feeling like one of those days when things just don't go your way.

But the hotel they'd sent us to was a deluxe spa type hotel ... very very expensive! So, all grubby from our gig, we checked in with valets and concierges offering to help us with our van and our bags. Pretty amusing.

I couldn't resist shooting the room rates on the door... hard to believe!

About 10 times what I'd paid. Always an adventure!

How about this:

'Lemon grass body bar... celebrate dreams... believe in miracles..."

The hotels we usually stay in just call it 'soap'.

And the philosophy of it is to get clean!

    July 8, Austin

Okay, back to our normal life: Here's backstage in Austin at The Moody

I caught a little of Dream Theater's soundcheck

This is a new theater, connect with Austin City Limits, and they've done a great job with it - the sound and the sight lines are fantastic.

People coming in...

Great venue, great audience, great show!

    July 8, Houston

An easy drive today (we have some long ones coming up) and it's a show of Stick Men / Adrian Belew Power Trio / Combined Crimson encore... so it'll be fun to play a three hour show after the 45 minute ones we've been doing.

I spotted some familiar faces - from last year's Three of a Perfect Pair Camp

Ready to go onstage with the encore pieces, starting with Adrian, Pat and I doing, co-incidentally, Three of a Perfect Pair!

Then some B'Boom-ing...

Photo time!


Great fun. Tomorrow we play in Dallas. More soon.

    July 9, Grand Prarie, TX

A reasonable drive to Grand Prarie, a part of Dallas. But on our minds; the 20 hour drive coming up, to Richmond, VA.

Going onstage:

Nice show. Next up for us: a couple of hours drive tonight, then we have the next two days to drive to Virginia.

    July 13, Richmond, VA

Drive was.. well, it was long!

Load in here in Richmond is one of those where our gear stays on the sidewalk outside...

Show went nicely...

but in the middle of the show, all the lights went out. We thought a circuit blown or something - but the music power was fine.

They turned the house lights on as we played, and, yay... that enabled me finally to get clear photos of the audience!

Adrian was happy about it too

Can't resist getting my Ampeg amps and QSC monitors in a picture!

Good fun. Tomorrow, a relatively short trip up to Washington.

    July 14, Washington DC

The Warner Theatre -- seems we may have played here in the 80's, with King Crimson

    July 15, Holmdel, NJ

The PNC Bank Arts Center - another venue I've been at before, and lots of times, back when it was called Garden State Arts Center.

I didn't get many pictures tonight - a lot going on, with a drive after show, and last day off of the tour coming up

Had Frazza grab a pic of John Myung, bassist of Dream Theater, with me

This should be our tour drink!

Okay, time for a new page... and after our travel/day off, we'll have shows in Boston, New York, and more.


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