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    Whittier - Center Theater

I've played here before, and it's a special family-like atmosphere, from both the people who promote it, and the audience.
A real home for progressive music.

But load in has not become any easier...

As on some other stages, we were pleased to see a curtain, which would go up at the start of the show.

And, as before, I tried to get a shot of it rising...

When am I going to remember to clean the lense before the show!!

and... time to load out...

which looks a lot like this....

(Load in the next day, in San Diego's Brick By Brick.)

Here, the cases just about filled the club!

How are they going to fit the audience in? ...


They did!

Well, I'd say I can't top those shots of a really enthusiastic audience, sharing the music with us.

The San Diego show was the last of this tour - we'll do it again in Europe in April, but for now it's back to somewhat normal music for us all!

To finish up with the tour pages, here are some shots of the show, taken by my friend Dave Morrison, at the Kuumbwa Jazz show in Santa Cruz, to show a perspective I can never get photographing from stage.


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