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    Here we are again, at RealWorld Studios (outside Bath, England) preparing for a Peter Gabriel Tour!

The cast of characters is similar to the last tour: Ged Lynch on drums, David Rhodes and Richard Evans playing guitar, Melanie Gabriel doing background vocals (and playing some percussion) and, new this tour, Angie Pollock on keyboards and background vocals.

It's a fun bunch, and greatly helping us out will be the crew, many of whom were on the last tour too.

I'm especially happy to have Michele Russotto back with me - in just the first day he fixed things in my bass rig that hadn't been working right in the years since we last toured together!

I'll start off with a shot of me - quite dishevelled, leaving New York for England, having spent a very hectic few days finishing up projects and preparing for the tour. (I know I'll rest on the plane!)

(Yes, I noticed, the bass doesn't fit into that bag... well, my theory is that it helps me get sympathy to allow it on the plane.)

Now, at random, from the rehearsals:

Whew... how about some photos of the beautiful surroundings at RealWorld.

Looks a bit like something from Myst!

Ah but, let's get back indoors, to the dark, damp rehearsal room!


Enough pics of the rehearsals, I'd say! I'll add some info when I've recovered from arranging all these photos!

There will be more!

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