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    Still rehearsing at RealWorld, but it's not long till we move to a bigger place for production rehearsals.

Maybe the last tour page made it look like all work and no play... there is, of course, a bit of band playtime...


And some work is still being done for sure.


For the gear to be packed into road cases, everything must be measured...



On that note, I'll wrap things up until we're at production rehearsals.


There's nothing quite like the experience of trying on our new wardrobe. Historically, it's been a pretty fraught time for the Gabriel band, finding out, just days before the tour, what you'll be expected to wear while playing - it could be stylish or mechanics overalls, could be too small, too big, a kilt, chaps, something that looks an awful lot like lingerie...

So I like to have the camera handy, to catch the looks on faces.
But this time the clothing is pretty easy on us.

Though the sizes were not perfect by any means!

On to production rehearsals.

Typically, these rehearsals are in huge hangars or otherwise dark, cavernous places - so the lights and p.a. can all fit inside.
This time's no different - a hangar at a windy airfield.

And the ruler theme is still going on... measuring Peter for a road case??


That's it for rehearsals. Now we'll travel to Gelsenkirchen, and the next photos will be from the real show!

I'll finish off this page with this curious photo. It's me with... well, not quit "Mini-Me", it's a sculpture, made from rubbish(!), by artist Adrian Chivers. He did a series of Peter and the band - sculptures which normally reside inside Studio A here at RealWorld, but wandered out for some fresh air and photos this week.


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