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    The tour begins!

We flew to Germany in a small plane. Really small!

Time for some laughing

and even rehearsing vocals

All help with luggage unload

We arrived at Gelsenkirchen, lovely venue on the river, amid a rainstorm.
Crew were drenched, and had the stage gear covered with tarps to keep it dry.

The show lighting is great, but I can't phograph it, of course, except for little bits during the daytime soundcheck

Some of you will be wondering what songs we did in the show.
Here is my setlist and some other stuff on my keyboard(!) -- We didn't quite do every song on the list - Peter decided, during the set, to skip Lovetown and Signal.

Backstage... the usual computer array

Close to showtime, audience waiting... still some rain!

And now that bridge down the river seems to be filling up with listeners.

And... at last, going onstage.



Well.. that was quite a show.

Regular visitors to the site will have noticed quite an improvement in the photos I'm putting up... that's because I have new, better cameras now - both Samsungs - shooting in higher res too, and I feel they deserve the shots being a bit bigger on the site.

Of course, that gives the page more to load, so I'll leave this page as just the Gelsenkirchen show, and add another page soon, with the next shows.

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