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    Locarno has a beautiful piazza, set up for summer concerts.

We've played here before, and know it as a very nice venue. And this show was a great one, but with a big difference ... the weather seemed to realize this was the last show of this first leg of Peter's Warm Up Tour and that a better name would have been the Umbrella Tour!

Though we (and the audiences) had had a break from the rain over the last Italy shows, tonight it returned, in full force.

Let's split the photos into before and after, since really the two parts of the night were quite different.

Charlie Winston and his band have been the opening act for Peter.

Beautiful, isn't it.

And night fell...


Usually rain doesn't show up at all in my photos, but this time it was so heavy, you can see it...

Our equipment, and Peter as well, quite drenched, we managed to finish the show with no electrical problems.

For the audience, of course, it was even tougher - it seemed at times it was hard for them to squint through the pouring rain to even see the stage.

But as before, I was very impressed with their fortitude - they stuck it out and we played our best for them.

Our crew did a remarkable job keeping things running... and it's hard to imagine the job of loading out the gear in these conditions.

So comes to an end this first leg of the Umbrella Tour - we will have a 10 day break, then start up again in France.

Will the rain follow us? We will see!



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