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    Wow... Piazza San Marco, in Venice... one of the most spectacular places there is, and here we are for a concert right in the square.

There are no roads into here, of course, so the trucks had to load equipment onto barges and bring it in at 6am... quite an ordeal.

At soundcheck I found that my onstage view of the great cathedral would be blocked by the tower constructed for the lights and sound desk.

I asked Ben, our sound engineer, and Dickie, if they wouldn't mind having it moved to the side just a little for my photos...

(The tower was not moved!)

We began soundcheck and the p.a. startled the local pidgeons, who flew a couple of laps around the square.

On to the concert, one of our best.

And, for once, here's me. A shot my wife Andi took of me, Sledging it!



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