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Nov. 10 - Quebec City
The tour is already throwing some big changes at us, though it hasn't officially started. The weather change between Mexico City and Quebec City is pretty extreme! Of course, there is snow here in Quebec - though I do think perhaps some of the English folks on the tour possibly OVER dressed for it - looking more like we're doing an excursion into Antarctica!

In Quebec, we not only rehearsed, but did a full run though of the show, with a small audience there. Pretty great. Hardest part for us in the band was adapting to the new stage clothes which suddenly appeared - not all outfits were greeted with smiles!

Now there are tons of equipment to pack, and it's on to Chicago - where Tuesday audiences will finally get to see this show!!


November - Mexico City
Peter had booked three nights of shows here - in the great acoustics of the Auditorio Nacional.
The Mexican audiences are really great - full of passion and experts on progressive music (I'd had some great shows here with King Crimson in the '90's.) So it was a great pleasure to come back to Mexico, and a run of shows in the same venue is a big treat for us.

At the second show, Paul McCartney's band and dancers came to visit (they're playing here too, and it was their night off.)


Wednesday the 6th was the release date of my live CD here in Mexico, and I did some interviews. One which I found surprising was for the morning tv news show "El Mananero", whose host, Brozo, dresses as a clown! Also surprising to me (but not to the regular viewers) was the sudden appearance of Brozo's "secretary" behind me - as he and the tv audience enjoyed my, er... reaction. This certainly wasn't like the "Today Show" we did in New York!

A certain difference in style:



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