Who's On The Tour


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More People on the Tour

    The Fixers:

Dickie Chappell / Keyboards & Peter

Jeremy "Jez" Webb / Guitars

Mark Jones / Drums

Bryan Olson / Monitors

Jeff Allison/ Keyboards

Jim Warren / House mix

Chuck Norman / Programming

John "Freddo" Fredricks / Wireless & technical

Michelle Russotto / Bass

    The Movers:

Dave Taraskevics / Tour Mgmt

Juliette Devine / Tour Mgmt

Hey, what are you kids doing here? You don't belong on this page at all!


    The Players:

Peter Gabriel

David Rhodes / Guitar

Richard Evans / Guitar, Flute

Rachel Z. / Keyboards

Ged Lynch / Drums

Melanie Gabriel / Vocals

Tony Levin / Bass



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