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           Out on the road with the " GROWING UP" TOUR

May 22 - England - London

Two shows at the famed Wembley Arena. Nice audiences, lots of friends (the English guys in the band must have had tons of guests - after the second show a restaurant at the arena had to be used for all the guests.




May 20 - England - London

Day off. A few weeks ago I mentioned seeing a funny picture of myself, held up in the front row of the audience as I passed by on the serious Mercy Street. It was hard not to laugh, as it was me as a South Park character. I couldn't get a photo of it, so didn't make much mention - but the artist has e-mailed me, so I can now share the picture with you.

3 string bass - it MUST be me!

May 19 - England - Birmingham

Raining again. This was one of those cities we barely see on the tour. The huge NEC convention center where we played is a bit out of town - we drove straight there from Manchester, and only got to the downtown hotel after the show.
Very nice show, and a big crowd.



For the first time, the Blind Boys of Alabama (who are the opening act) joined us for the encore, In Your Eyes


May 18 - England - Manchester

Downtown Manchester has changed a lot in the many years since I was last here. Lots more shopping places, but more important, lots and lots of coffee places! So the day off here was spent sampling those, and re-loading at the bookstores.


It rained the whole time we were here, but I'm told that in the North of England, that's to be expected!

May 15 - Switzerland - Zurich

Again flying in for just the show, we didn't even see Zurich - just the venue and a hotel.

But some friends came to the show, and it was another good crowd, so the experience was great.
Next we're off to England, where we'll play in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

May 14 - France - Paris

It's great seeing Paris, especially with good weather, but we're in and out like a shot.
Much of France is on strike, and though we've missed the worst of it, the trip in from the airport, and then the drive to the venue both take hours longer than they normally would.


A very large crowd made it quite a treat, and best of all; our friend from many tours, Youssou N'Dour, joined in for the encore of In Your Eyes, just like in the old days. Along with Sevara, it made for quite a jam!



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