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           Out on the road with the " GROWING UP" TOUR

May 29 - Poland - Poznan

Adding a new page for the Poland show.

May 28 - France - Nice

Hot, and lots of tourists out sunbathing on the city beach here. I've caught the tour cold, so am staying in to rest before soundcheck, but I believe the others are out playing boules - what could be a more French thing to do!



Cool show. Well, a chaud show, actually! Tomorrow we fly to Poland.

May 27 - France - Lyon

Lyon, with it's rivers and old city, is a favorite to visit. We even had a night off here, and got out for some excellent French food (and a celebration of Richard Evans' birthday.)

In my enjoyment of the city, I forgot to go out and get photos of the sights - but got plenty backstage at the show, which was a great one, with visits from special friends.




The European tour is winding down, and we're aware that there may be only a few more of these full production shows - so they're quite treasured events.


May 26 - Germany - On the Rhine

Our days off are often "travel days", being spent getting to the next city and enjoying the night free to go out and have a bit of non-tour life. My travel today was quite different though - my friend Kai has a castle on the Rhine, which I've been trying to get to visit for years. Finally today I made it there.                      Though only for a few hours, seeing the beauty of the setting and the extroadinary mixture of futuristic tech ideas with 12th century architecture made it a rare and rewarding visit.

May 25 - Germany - Cologne

A very beautiful city, with it's famous cathedral dominating the center.
Some of the band recalled, on tours years ago, bicycling around Cologne on our show days here, and even biking across the river to and from the shows. It's a great way to get around in a city like this - but alas this time we're being driven.

                      Great show, great crowd.

After the show at our hotel, I ran into some good friends I hadn't seen in some time - the Bon Jovi band. Grabbed a photo with David, Richie, and Tico, whom I toured with back in... I cant' remember the year, maybe 1990.                      Hugh McDonald, their bass player, is also a friend from long ago.
Unfortunately, with both bands playing in different cities tonight, and then travelling different ways tomorrow, we can't get to see each others' shows.

May 24 - Germany - Stuttgart

As we go into the last week of concerts in the European tour (and likely the last performances with the full stage show) I notice my web page is getting a little surreal looking. Not to worry. When we start up in the U.S. I'll go back to a more normal background for the diary and photos!

Today in Stuttgart was yet another of those days when we flew in, went right to the venue and did the show without really seeing the city.



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