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           June 29


We're flying in for these shows, sometimes only arriving just before soundcheck.


But there's usually time for a game of boules after soundcheck, even if it means traipsing through the woods in search of a suitable playing surface.

Meanwhile, Michele, the tour's bass tech, is always working on some electrical modifications for me - it's a common sight backstage.


With a day off after Detroit, the rest of the band travelled on to Columbus, but I stayed behind in Detroit to visit some good friends.

Some might think it trivial, but we spent the day working on making the ideal grilled cheese sandwich!



A good beverage for cleansing the pallate is vodka - and we had a large assortment of that, including some I had brought back from Poland.

There's also some electrical expertise here, so the eating and drinking was accompanied by experiments on bass effects.

Next: on to Columbus Ohio, and the last two U.S.A. shows of the tour.

Oh yes, the grilled cheese winner:

           June 28


Yike, this has never happened before, but I lost the photos I took a the Tinley Park show in Chicago!
It happened within my computer - there are thousands of shots already in there, and a few days after the Chicago show, I was cleaning house, thinking they were already saved elsewhere.
Now I'm trying some file recovery programs - but barring success in that, I'm sorry to say there will be nothing here from the show. It was a very good one, of course!

My apologies to everyone from the Chicago show.



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