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           July 4


I gave a bass clinic in Toronto the day before the show. I nice turnout, and it was fun both talking to the people and hearing what they had to say.



San Jacinto, still in the set, is a great one to have added.




And here is what it looks like when Peter shines his Digging light on me;


           July 2


The last U.S. show on the tour, and with only a few Canada dates left, we're getting sad to see it end.

Peter has added San Jacinto to the set, and it's wonderful to hear that song again.


This is a first; there wasn't enough air in the ball Peter goes inside, so, after starting Growing Up, he had to stop the song, apologize to the audience, get out of the ball, and have the crew re-inflate it - as the audience watched and laughed. Glad this doesn't happen every night!




And I am still trying to get a good photo at the end of the show, while we take our bow.




Urk - camera battery dead - no photos. Wonderful show, no proof but the memory. Sorry.



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