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It's been a great tour - maybe the best I ever was on. Great music, great audiences, great people on the tour, and lots of fun. I wish it had gone on for another year!


           July 6


LAST day of the tour - and with crew and band in the same hotel, we had a rollicking party after the show.

But before that, there was the emotional performance to do, and with the great audience that Peter usually has in Montreal.


Anna, our tour video-ographer, was seen dancing onstage...

and Robert LePage, who had designed much of the stage show, was in town and came by to visit...

All of Sevara's band came onstage for In Your Eyes

And I heard that the entire crew joined us in skipping around the venue during Solsbury Hill. (I'm so busy during that segment, trying to ignore the time delay while out in the house, skipping, playing, watching out for steps... I had to be told later about the 20 guys in orange who were following behind me - and I certainly didn't get a photo of it.)



           July 5

London, Ontario

Lots of hijinx backstage tonight (as is often the case.) And while I was out, the guys constructed a ... well, it looks like me, but I'm not there, just my stage clothes and a moustache.




And here is what it looks like when Peter shines his Digging light on me;




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