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           Can you spot the similarity in these photos?

This one...

is from the front pages of my 1984 book, Road Photos. It's from a Peter Gabriel show, July 1980, in Central Park, NY.


we've got

an audience shot from last week - June 20th, at Holmdel, N.J.

(I've made the recent photo from New Jersey into black and white. The other was shot on black and white film to begin with.)

Do you see it?

Well, I couldn't help but notice...

that the same guy is front and center, beaming at the stage, in each photo.

Here are some closeups, look...


And he looks pretty good, 23 years later! What a smile.

It didn't hurt that, since that 1980 shot, I've come to know the person in question. In fact, he's quite well known in the recording industry, having become a producer and remix engineer. His name is Tom Lord-Alge, and you have to admit, he commands considerable attention, even after all these years, out there in the audience.

By the way, before you even ask... that book, Road Photos, is out of print, having sold out back in 1986.


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