April, 2014

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   WELCOME... to the Cruise to the Edge.

For us in Stick Men, this has come right after our last show with The Crimson ProjeKCt, in Riga, Latvia.

We flew from Riga via Frankfurt to Madrid, spent overnight in an airport hotel in Madrid, then flew via Newark to Miami, another airport hotel... and then to the pier, loading on to the MSC Divina.

It's big! (see picture at page bottom.)

Our first show is tonight, pretty soon after the ship leaves port.

But first, we board the ship... (

A view of Miami from the top deck

Markus, in the next cabin... I see he enjoys the view of the loading tents

Lines are cast off, and here we go. (That's another ship, behind us)

cruising out along the docks with ship loading containers, we see the one for our ship, the "Divina"

and as we pass Miami beach, we get a sense how high this ship is

The outdoor pool stage, where we'll be doing our second show, is quiet now

Before we get far, there is a drill of emergency evacuation procedure... everyone in life jackets

Stick Men... we won't go "Deep" with these on!

Evening now... our show is in the same lounge we had the drill instructions in... it's the shortest soundcheck we've had in some time...

and people are already here waiting for the show, so we're trying to avoid playing any of our show pieces at the soundcheck

Show was great, in spite of the lack of time to get the sound right... a great bunch of people here, who have come on the cruise because of their love of progressive music.

More in a day or two... until then I'll be looking at a lot of this:

Sights onboard:

Like my new look??

But I had some help from Nick Beggs...

(Never did two Stick players have more opposite hair-do's! Nick's here playing with Steve Hackett.)

'Storytelling' hour from John Wetton

with Eddie Jobson


Soft Machine playing an afternoon show at the pool stage

Come ON, prog folks... I don't see you lined up at the water slide!

and, always more of the ever changing water to amuse us camera buffs

No way to get a sense of how many fans of progressive rock are onboard... over 2,500 I believe. It's really special to have all these people with a common passion together for the week.

Will there be a big 'group photo' at the end? I hope so.

Anyway, we have our storytelling hour tonight, then another full concert tomorrow.


From the storytelling event:

You know your in a real progressive rock event if Armando Gallo is taking photos of it!

Okay, it's time for a second page about the cruise.



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