Stick Men
Tour of Europe - Fall, 2012
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Kiev Show



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Having spent the morning walking around town, I met up with the guys in the hotel lobby to head out to a signing session and our soundcheck.

At soundcheck, one of the players in the opening band tries out my Stick

His band is a duo called Big Second, and they'll sit in with us on one of our encore pieces.

Lunch at the club... Pat went for the menu item called "Hunger Kaput". I think it worked!

Here's the Big Second set

and from then on it was pretty much audience shots for me...

Our Soup encore, with guests

Aftershow, a lot of chatting, signing, and photos with the nice people who came.
Then a quiet pack-up (well, a few Ukrainian vodkas were a must) and not many hours until the early morning leave for the airport.

Rainy morning, outside our hotel - Igor, our promoter who brought us here, shows us Pat's burnt t-shirt. Seems last night Pat draped it over a lamp in his hotel room to dry out, and... well, you can imagine the rest.
I guess this is Igors souveneir of our visit!

We're waiting for the van to take us to the airport

The large-ish man with us is Big. I mean that's his name. He's a friend, and drummer, from years ago when I first played in Moscow and he was helping load into the club... he then greeted the band with "I'm big", and we didn't realize for awhile that that was his name.

Yesterday he came from Moscow to Kiev to see our show, and was here at the hotel this morning.

I don't have many photos where Pat looks small!

Big does his impression of a bear...

Where is that van?

It's getting late...

and the bear is getting hungry!

A good time for a group picture

Ironically, over Markus' shoulder there's a sign on the hotel, saying no video cameras. Don't know what that's about.

The van arrived an hour late, but we still made our flight in time, no problem.

It was a great trip here to Kiev and to Ukraine - I can only hope that I get the chance to come back and play again.

Tomorrow - our next show at the Hot Jazz Cafe, in Munster.



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