Tour of USA and CANADA
Fall 2011

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Page 6 - In which, the band squeezes into NYC club stage, a pie is thrown, rainy drives and sunny photo sessions, vodka fit for a Firebird, and a charming load-out.


  Sept. 28, New York, for two shows

We'll be two nights at New York's Iridium club.

First, I know if you looked at the previous page, you're wondering... what's different here??

The answer: I got a new camera! So my photos might be half decent now!

The Irridium -- it's a very tight squeeze onto this stage...

Going on - great crowd as usual on this tour...

And in Adrian's set...

something a bit out of the ordinary...

it's Tobias' birthday...

and Adrian has a cream pie ready for the occasion

Looks a bit like Tobias is considering returning the pie...

After the show, another great one, we're very happy not to have to load out the gear tonight, as we have another show tomorrow right here. This is the only time that will happen on the tour, and with a particularly tricky load out coming here in Manhattan, it's nice to leave the gear set up.

Stayed out of town, and Thursday we hit yet another rain storm on the way back in to New York.

The weather cleared up when we got there, and the scheduled Stick Men photo shoot could be outdoors - right outside the club

Seemed there were more photographers than planned ... maybe because people had come early to get seats for the show

Who am I to complain... I take more pictures at these things than anyone!

Oh oh... a heckler...

Back in the club, we've spilled out of the small dressing room, out to the corridor we've piled with cases, and through which the load-out to an elevator will happen.

Troy, our merch man, is warming up with sticks along with Pat!

Pie-less and bible black...

ready for encore...

and after...

Now comes the real fun... loading the gear into the vans.

In less than an hour, it's thru the dressing room, down the corridor, up the elevator (oops... started by loading the wrong elevator.. not allowed to use that one!) and then out onto 51st st. where Markus waits with the equipment while Frazza goes for the van.

Ah, the glamor of rock touring...

say, was that a bottle of vodka there, on top of the amps?

Sure enough... Stravinsky Vodka, a gift from a fan who knows his Polish vodkas!

That will come in handy when we've driven back to the hotel. First some nasty rain on the interstate highway as we travel up to Connecticut.

Putting to rest a couple of days filled with adventures, joys and hard work, I'll also bring this page to a close.

Oops, I forgot to share the vodka with the other guys!

Tour continues on the next page (and waaaay beyond that!)


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