Tour of USA and CANADA
Fall 2011

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Page 7 - In which, we travel to kind locales in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Montreal.


  Sept. 30, Fairfield, Connecticut

Not a very long drive for us - and a nice town here on the coast of CT.

No shortage of Apple products on this tour, as on most tours!

A visit from Analog Man himself.

'Doctor, my fuzztone is feeling sluggish.' 'Give it a lot of rest but not a lot to drink.'

Hmm.. we're not the first ones to play here!

Pat has started rehearsing with Adrian when soundchecks allow, because there are a few shows later in the tour that Tobias won't be there, and Pat will fill in for him.

Just before we go on. In this venue the audience is on just about all sides of the band.

Adrian studies his lyrics before going on...


some of these folks will be hearing a lot of my bass amp!

hmm... now, who could have written this??

  Oct 1, not a long trip up North to Northampton, Mass.

Been at the Iron Horse many times. Always a tight fit onstage, and even more so with this 6 piece band.

Some nice people here for the meet 'n greet after soundcheck...

When playing the Iron Horse, I usually duck out for an espresso at the Green Bean down the street.

The weather is changing, (except for the daily rain) and we've broken out our jackets, likely for the next few weeks up north.

Adrian's set, seen from Frazza's vantage point at the mixing desk

The start of the Crimson set -- Adrian, Pat and me

joined by the drummers in b'boom...

and shadowman !

and Julie

Some kerfuffle with the hotel bookings and after show we had to travel a bit south, though in the morning we're headed north to Canada.

But, 7am, here we go, to next show in Montreal.

Bit of a theme to the tour... another rainy drive.

Heading up through beautiful Vermont ... not much color in the leaves yet - maybe it's coming in the next weeks, or maybe all the rain has made it a subdued Fall here. Anyway, rain or not, it's lovely, and I'm glad not to see remnants of the hurricane damage.

It's an old theater made into a club. I hadn't played here before, and must admit the entrance to stage...

and to dressing rooms...

looked a little daunting! But, actually, the place is quite nice.

Don't worry, this isn't the show audience... it's the people who came early for a meet 'n greet

Here's the show...


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