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So much to do to prepare for a tour, even a small one like ours.
T-shirt design was a no brainer this time... the Resonator CD cover is a very cool graphic, and didn't need much more to make it a good shirt. But even so, I needed to give the graphic designer a little idea of how I'd like it... here is the layout I sent -
you can see how I spent, maybe as much as 30 seconds doing it!

And, in that vein, I spent about an equal amount of time on a layout of the band promo photo (you like to have 8x10's of this on the road, because often the club you play would like to have you sign a photo, to then put on their wall.)
                         The photos had already been taken, so this sketch isn't as wild as it looks. In fact, here is the finished composite:

Yeah, quite a bit better than my sketch, right? And they added, in the background, the x-ray of my hand with funk finger, from the CD booklet artwork.

Some appearances

I set up a few appearances in the week of Resonator's release.

With Brian Shields, at WAMC radio, our local (Albany) public radio station

and on the same day, a signing at Borders book and record store

Here are some of the early arrivals... I wish I could say that hundreds came in later, but, to be honest, it was pretty intimate.

Then, at Woodstock's WDST, on the Greg Gattine morning show.

A release party at the Bearsville Theater (at which I took no photos... shame on me!)

A rehearsal run-through of the whole show, for a very small audience...

And, finally, ready to hit the road and start playing the new music live!

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