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Musicians and engineers at studio
Last Summer's sessions were some of the most fun I've done
and here we are doing some more tracks.
About Kevin
And the sessions
Who's Here
Outside of Nashville, in a studio built in an old house. The drums are set up in what used to be a living room. I'm in a sort of dining room, with the bass.
We've quicky fallen back into a kind of band attitude - as much kidding around as recording. And the sessions are going late at night - yike, hardly time to upload my web updates!
Kevin's been a member of the group DC Talk for 13 years, and this is his first solo album. He's got some poetry books out too - his own web site, just being re-vamped, is pretty neat.

Some tracks were recorded last Summer, with Adrian Belew producing. This group of tracks, Adrian is in for some, with Kevin organizing the others.
Matt Chamberlain is back, playing drums.
We've got a number of guitaritst playing guitar on these tracks. Erick Cole, who was on the last sessions. George Cocchini - originally from Rochester, but now living here. (We compared notes about mutual friends back in Rochester.)
Will Owlsey came in on the second day, and has co-written some of the songs.
I imagine Adrian Belew, who's producing some of the tracks, may play some guitar himself!
J.R Mcneely is engineering, with assistance from David Streit.
the studio KMax,T-Lev
at the board KMax,T-Lev
Matt Chamberlain Matt Chamberlain
Eric Adrian Belew
Owsley Ade
Kevin's Lennon impression. (mpeg)

...Hey, I couldn't resist including this shot (slightly altered) from last week's trip to Italy.(The car is actual size. The driver... well that's Photoshop!)
Who's that in the car?
! !

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