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Papa Bear Records is a small record company in Woodstock, New York. Tony's complete CD catalog is available here as well as CDs from other selected artists. In addition, Papa Bear also carries other items such as tee-shirts, posters and Tony's book.
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Monday Night in San Francisco
A double CD
LIVE Performance
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Waters of Eden
Tony Levin
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BLUE Nights
A double CD
LIVE Performance
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Adrian Belew My King Crimson bandmate, singer writer producer extrordinaire.

Argentinian friends: When Crimson did an extended stay in Buenos Aires, we met some great people, some of them excellent players with bands of their own.
Maria Gabriella and
Fernando Kabusacki
I've played on a number of fascinating projects of Fernando Samalea

ASIA I recorded in Wales on some tracks on AURA, the newest release of this well known group (just released in Japan).

Tchad Blake A great engineer with fascinating passions about recording far-flung musicians around the world. (Tchad binaurally recorded my "Caves" CD.)

A great trumpet player, currently touring with Sting: Chris Botti. I've played in some of Chris's releases, and he joined me in the Bruford Levin Upper Extremites CD and tours.

The Bottom Line A bass players' interest group - more minutia about the bass than most of us ever want to see - but very well done.

Terry Bozzio Famed drummer, always coming out with new challenging music.

Bozzio Levin Stevens This group - Terry Bozzio, guitarist Steve Stevens and I , now have two releases on Magna Carta Records... and plans for more!

Bill Bruford My bandmate in King Crimson, band leader in his own right, and noted drummer with YES, U.K., and more.

California Guitar TrioThis wonderful group has opened for 130 King Crimson shows! I started touring with them, as their guest, in 1999. They've always got fascinating new releases.

Cheap Trick I played with Rick Nielson and Bunn E. Carlos of the group, on some John Lennon tracks. Their site is a hoot.

Paula Cole We toured together back on Peter Gabriel's '90's tour. Since then Paula's done two great solo albums.

DGM Records The label of King Crimson, Robert Fripp's projects, and much more.

Ed Doyle Ed is a friend of mine, from the Woodstock area, who works in many fields, including helping with music and video projects.

Robbie Dupree Many remember Robbie's hit single, Steal Away. He's a good friend of mine, as well as executive producer of some of my CD's, and has some recent releases on his site.

Elephant Talk Crimson followers, sharing info and opinions about the group.

Larry Fast/Synergy Mr. Synergy, alumnus of the original Gabriel band, and bandmate of mine out on the road this year - Larry's synth playing is Classic.

Michael Franks I recorded last year with Michael, up in Woodstock.

What's up with Peter Gabriel/RealWorld? I occasionally visit the site to try and see what's coming -- one of these days the new album will be done, and then...

Steve Gadd My old buddy - subject of a whole chapter in my book - we went to school together - he's played with everyone on the planet.

Jesse Gress is Woodstock's own premier guitar player. He's toured with Tod Rundgren's band for years, toured with my band too! An editor of Guitar Player Magazine, Jesse's site has the info on his upcoming guitar book.

Trey Gunn Crimson Warr Guitar player - diary keeper - good guy to keep tabs on, since he also tours on his own.

John Hall/Siren SongsFormerly with the band Orleans, John is a friend and neighbor of mine - I remember joining in long ago on his Power album. He produces, writes, and still releases lots of solo works.

Pete Levin Let's see.. who is this guy? Oh yeah, my brother. He's always threatening to bring back The Clams - and other amusing oddities - on his very amusing site.

Liquid Tension Experiment If we were paid by the note, this band would be the Bill Gates of Rock. With two cd's out now, on Magna Carta Records, the band is Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess - three technical wizards who are members of Dream Theater, dragging me along, trying to keep up, as their fourth member.

Vin Scelsa's Live at Lunch site gives some insight into his excellent radio show.

Magna Carta Records is home to the Bozzio Levin Stevens releases, Liquid Tension Experiment releases, and more in the Progressive Rock vein.

Make Believe Ballroom, with excellent engineer Tom Mark, is the studio, near Woodstock, where I've recorded some of my own projects (World Diary's overdubs and mixing, all of BLUE, and some of Waters of Eden overdubs.)

Gap Mangione An influential jazz pianist, and old friend from Rochester, on whos album I first played the Stick.

My longtime buddy, and great drummer, Jerry Marotta.

My King Crimson bandmate Pat Mastelotto , former member of the Rembrandts and Mister Mister, has his own site.

Music News Network is a journal, for a long time supportive and treasured by prog players and fans.

Music Street Journal - news and released in the Prog Rock area.

Ellis Paul is a Boston based singer. I played on some of his cd's, produced by Jerry Marotta.

Guitarist Jeff Pevar has played on many records - is a member of the group CPR, and played acoustic and electric guitar on my Waters of Eden cd.

Dave Pomeroy is an excellent bassist and bass clinician, out of Nashville.

Pony Canyon is the label that releases my records in Japan.

Prog Rock fans will enjoy Progression Magazine

My pal, and co-member of Peter Gabriel's band, Seal's band, and others - David Sancious also played keyboards on some of my last album.

A recent record I played on, and really enjoyed, was the latest release by Martin Sexton.

Way back when... I recorded "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with a great musician, Livingston Taylor.

David Torn is a great musician - the wildest of the wild -- playing guitars, ouds, loops, and rarely sounding like a guitarist. He's very prominent on my "Bruford Levin Upper Extremities" cd's, and has many releases of his own.

A friend, excellent guitarist, and co-producer of "Waters of Eden":Artie Traum.

Jim Weider is a local Woodstock guitarist, plays with the Band, and has his own releases too.

The bass player's bass player! (At least for this bass player, is Victor Wooten.

I left him for last, but he's great - the designer and maintainer of this site, and sites of quite a few other musicians: Dan Beach.

My bass, for many years now, has been Music Man.

The Chapman Stick is also a must for me.

Trace Elliot Amps are what I play through, and have been for quite some time. The company, now owned by Gibson, is still located in England.

Ned Steinberger has designed an excellent electric upright (and cello) that I often play.

I've been using the LINN audio system to aid in mixing my records - as well as sheer listening pleasure.

I met the folks at Taos Drums after Jerry Marotta started plaiying their drums. They're great.


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