The Crimson ProjeKct
Opening for Dream Theater

U.S. Tour - Summer 2012
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    July 20, Syracuse, NY

Last two shows of the tour, a full Crimson ProjeKct show in the Westcott Theatre of Syracuse, and then the final show with Dream Theater, that one in Atlantic City.

The Westcott must have been a movie theater at one time... maybe still is. From the dressing room upstairs, we have two projector sized view of the stage.

Before Stick Men hit the stage...

And, for Adrian's part of the show, I had a birds-eye view from up in the projector room

Then, the double trio encore set -- starts with Markus's loop

We're ready to join in, for Thraak!

After signing and greeting, we loaded out as quickly as we could - a long day tomorrow, with considerable drive to Atlantic City, then after that show, driving Pat to Newark airport hotel, and the rest of us up to Kingston, NY. Can use a little rest before that one!

    July 21, Ceasars Palace, Atlantic City

It's the last show of the tour for us. A gathering onstage of crew and both bands, to try to get a photo of us all

The hard part of these things is, of course, gathering everyone into one place...

and, who's going to take the picture?

Finally getting there...

all breaking up before I had a chance to run out and get a normal shot

The crew plays us all an amusing movie they've made during the tour, featuring interviews with a lot of the crew

some time for goodbyes and checking out things we hadn't...

and it's time to start the show

I didn't get shots from this show - too much going on with big pack of our gear and merch stuff.

It's been a really nice tour, in all ways, musically and personally. Our gratitude to Dream Theater, who made things very pleasant for us, (not always the way it goes with opening acts) and were really fun to hang out with.

This, from them, says it all...


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