Peter Gabriel Benefit Tour
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Back to the scene of many other rehearsals with Peter - a not-so-elegant building on the grounds of RealWorld Studios, near Bath, England.           Various singers have come in to practice songs for upcoming shows, but mostly it's just been the band, reviewing the material we toured with earlier this year, and practicing the new release, Burn You Up.

The shows on this short tour are:
Nov. 21 BBC Children In Need Appeal             Merthr Tydfil, Wales
Nov. 23 Webcast                                             RealWorld Studios, Bath
Nov. 24 Peter Gabriel concert                          Brighton
Nov. 29 Nelson Mandela's 46664 Aids Benefit Concert   CapeTown, S. Africa




Yusuf Islam joined us on one day, to rehearse his It's a Wild World which he'll be performing with Peter at the upcoming Aids benefit in CapeTown.




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