Fall, 2013

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It's late September - the weather is great, and we're in London for a few days of band rehearsals.

Because this is the same lineup as last Octobers tour, we don't need a long a rehearsal period as usual, just getting up to speed on the songs, in a large studio on the outskirts of London.

Linnea is joyous when coffee arrives (as am I)

Ben's got a new sound desk to play with...

and there are lots of repairs to be made...

That's my synth they're looking at... midi issues!

Maybe it's because I keep so much of my stuff on the keyboard! I know some players use them just to play -- for me it's sort of a table too, and still taped up with lyrics from tours long past...

(Not long ago there were still lyrics from the Seal tour I had done - but from the 1990 Anderson Wakeman Bruford Howe tour, just the background lyrics to Close to the Edge filled up every unused space on the keyboard!)

Michele, my long time bass tech, came across the control instructions that came with my NS bass, way back in '94. I've sure used the bass a lot since then.

Michele is working on an effect pedal of his own

which occasionally gets worked on, from the inside

Finally, day 3, our own tour espresso machine arrives. This will be a popular item with the crew and band!

Leaving soon for Denmark, where we'll rehearse a few more days with full production.

Maybe time for the next tour page.



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