North America May 2010
Page 1 - Rehearsals in Woodstock


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    May 9, 2010, Woodstock.

    It's Spring, the weather is great, we've got new material to learn and a bunch of touring ahead of us... what could be nicer!

We came upon a great rehearsal space in Woodstock - 'Big Black Barn' is big enough for bands much larger than ours!

Mostly we're rehearsing a new piece, Hands, from the new album. It's three tracks on the CD, so it's more a suite than just a piece.
Pretty challenging.

Coffee is a necessity!

And I'm trying out a new idea for miking my vocals...

At least it provides an interesting view from the user-side!

On a break, we try on the new tour t-shirts, and pose for, what... a catalog picture? I don't think so!

Okay, enough of rehearsals... soon we'll be playing the first show, at nearby Bearsville Theater - I'll get some photos from there for sure.

Here we are at show day... turns out I didn't take many photos at all!

and... the obligatory shot through my mask ... I have to work on these, cause you can't really see the audience!


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