Spring, 2015

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May 29, Buenos Aires

Always great to come back to Buenos Aires. King Crimson was here for a month, back in 1994, and so we we have friends here, a wonderful welcome from the fans, and enough familiarity with the city to make it extra fun.

The Stick Men tradition on arriving is to go to El Quartito for a crazy amount of great pizza

Okay, (burp!), that was to start with (actually we went there a few times in the 3 days we had in town.)

Then, I always want to visit La Recoleta area, where back in 1994 King Crimson estableció su base...made it our home base, rehearsing writing and playing shows in Buenos Aires for a month or so.

Recoleta has changed a bit, but not La Rambla cafe, where I'd had coffee almost every one of those days... so it's treat to go back for another espresso

Another flavor of the area is the nearby park I remember going to early each morning to take photos... glad to see my favorite giant tree is doing well,

though, darn, I wish I had my old pictures of the tree here with me to compare - I must have shot it almost every day.

Some things just don't change at all, and the well known cemetary is a classic.

Here's a picture I took today

and here is one I took back in '94, and happen to have a digital copy here in my laptop.
(It was taken with that stuff we used to call film!)

Pretty wild comparing the two ways of taking photos.

Some things do change indeed... in '94 King Crimson did a series of concerts at the Broadway Theater, and I took pictures of the marquee at night... happy I have that in my laptop too...

and... the same marquee, tonight...

Well, no comment on that. Let's move on to our Stick Men show.

It's at a smaller theater, the nice ND Ateneo, where we've played a few times before.

And, the best part of any trip to Buenos Aires...


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