Summer, 2013

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In Europe now, where we will have only three shows this week. Quite a change from the pace we had in the van last week.

But the trip over was pretty tiring, so maybe an easier start will be welcome. I was unable to book the 3 of us on the same flight to Rome (due to pricing) - in fact we ended up each on a different flight from NY to Rome.

Mine encountered the most delays -- having to do an emergency medical condition landing in Geneva, then 6 more hours on the ground there before heading to Rome.

24 hours after leaving Kingston, we were together in Rome (over 100 degrees here!) but still a 3 hour drive to Lanciano, where our show will be.

Enough about that - here are some photos from a beautiful day and night in the central piazza of Lanciano.

Okay, it's nice, but I wouldn't want to park my car here!

It was a great as it looks.

Next, we flew to Frankfurt and drove to Wurzburg, Germany. Had the night free, with the show the following night.

This, of course, gave me some time to walk around.

Introducing us seemed to require a long list!!

After our set, who should play but my friend Manu Katche, and his band.

We'll be touring Europe together in just a couple of months, with the Peter Gabriel Band - but tonight it was Manu's jazz group.

I got some pictures, of course.

Last show, in Sardinia - we had a day to travel, and a free day before the show - something we're not used to in our tours.

A great dinner with Toto, our friend and promoter here, then we went up into the hills from Cagliari, and played in Villanova Tulo.

I didn't get pictures from the show, so we'll finish off the tour web pages with a photo of Tulo's grape arbor, and of the view from Villanova Tulo.

I think it's easy to see why we love to come to Italy!



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