in Japan

June, 2013

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The Blue Note Club, in Tokyo, is really nice to play. They have jazz bands in all the time, and are very organized about everything.

Wow, we've brought our own music stands

Trombonist Al Kaplan is the only one I've seen who was in the band in the short period I played in it

and, he being a good golfer and me a terrible one, I grab a free lesson!

(okay, now I know I need to use a golf club, not a sharpie.)

Final getting our charts in order...

and we have an hour to hang out before the show

Time to go on

This isn't like a rock gig... I can't just pick up my camera on a few bars off and snap photos... I have to keep my head in the charts most all of the set, or I'll get lost.

But I can shoot some shots during drum solos

And when Cathy does band introductions

And at the end

Between shows, the club has some great food for us backstage

And... back onstage for the second show.

After the set,

a treat for me, I spot some friendly faces in the audience...

It's members of the "Tony Levin Club" of Japan, who kindly have come out to see me again.

And brought me a gift - two club pins

(I guess now I'm a member!!)

Time for another page, and with all the shows this week, instead of going through chronologically, I'll just post the better pictures from the whole week.

More soon.


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