Spring, 2014

page 6 - Zoetermeer show



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A long overnight drive from Paris to Zoetermeer, in the Netherlands.

The venue, called Borderij, is a nice one, we've all played many times before.

Some lunch is in order

Robert enjoys, as always here, great equipment to work with

At soundcheck (and after) I'm trying to get some better photos of our players than I usually have time for

After soundcheck, a greeting with some people who got special tickets to the show.

We do that most days, but today was a first: I've never met somebody before who has music tattoo'd on his arm!

And, what do you know, it's the bass part to Don't Give Up!

Backstage, Pat talks with Francesco, our tour manager and promoter, whose birthday is today

the drummers practice...

Julie and Adrian look ready to go on...

and here we go

I feel it necessary, after the Paris show pictures happened to show all males, to let it be seen that there are some females at our shows!

Before the encores, Adrian brings Francesco out onstage for a birthday presentation

with a nice surprise gift for Francesco!

Feeling good about the show... we take our bows

Really nice show for us. Aftershow is a different situation than I'd ever been in... the bus is staying here in the parking lot of the club, and we'll sleep here. Luckily, I can still pick up the club's wifi, and upload these diary pictures.

Then, early morning, we'll drive to the airport and fly to the next show.

That flight is to Moscow, and connects through Kiev, so it could be a most interesting day to report on... more soon.



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