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    Dublin has a beautiful setting for outdoor concerts

But, alas, the rain has followed us from Cornwall... Really pouring here, and we don't know if that will discourage people from coming.

But, no, it did fill in, with hearty people, undaunted by the rain.

All nice and dry backstage, which is in a large house behind the stage.

The band Crowded House are playing on this show.

We'll see them tomorrow too, at the London show.

And, here we go...

This was one of those days that proves that, no matter how good your camera is, the person behind it needs to have a brain! I mistakenly set the camera to long exposures during the show... so, let's say this shot was designed to show how the audience would look to me if I forgot to wear my glasses!

Before it got dark, though, I got some nice pictures of the great folks who braved the rain.

Because these are larger photos than I usually put on a page, I'm keeping each page down to one show.
Next page will be the big festival in Hyde Park, London.

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