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The cursor: it's a work in progress. Doesn't work on your browser? Hey, I'm a bass player, what do you expect!



    (About the beard... I had an e-mail from some fans of Peter's, requesting, nicely, that I ask him to kindly trim his beard!
Only then did I notice that it has been getting longer.
But I didn't ask him to trim it - instead, for the cursor graphic of this page I have lengthened the beard (just a bit) in Photoshop, thereby showing the fans how much longer it could have been!)


    In rehearsal:




We do actually play occasionally at rehearsals! But, I can't shoot photos then, can I!




    In concert:


In Munich, we played at a festival, in the large Konigsplatz. It was a celebration for the 30th year of Virgin Records. Also on the bill was Bryan Ferry.





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