The Waters of Eden 2000 Tour
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Spring, Summer

Tour Dates
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May 12
May 13
May 15
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June 3
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Woodstock NY
NY City

St. Louis
Lawrence, KS
Lawrence, KS
Salt Lake City
Cotati, CA
Santa Cruz
San Jose
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Joyous Lake
Knitting Factory
Signing/Eastman bookstore
Clinic/House of Guitars
House of Blues
Theater of Living Arts
Orion Studios

Shank Hall
Duck Room
Variety Theater
12th and Porter
7pm clinic at Mass St.Music
The Bottleneck
Boulder Theater
Starlight Theater
Inn of the Beginning
Great Am.Music Hall
5pm Clinic/Sam Ash
Baked Potato
Alice Cooper'stown
5pm Clinic/Rossos Music
Music Box
7th House
The Tralf

The Players

This tour re-unites part of the Peter Gabriel Band of the '80's: Jerry Marotta, Larry Fast, and Tony Levin.

Jerry Marotta has played drums on many albums in addition to Peter Gabriels, including Robert Fripp, Paul McCartney, the Indigo Girls, Hall & Oates and Orleans.

Larry Fast's synth playing is familiar not only from Peter's albums, and film scores, but his own releases, as Synergy

Guitarist Jesse Gress has played guitar with Todd Rundgren for 10 years, and is a music editor for Guitar Player Magazine. He resides in Woodstock, where he plays in a bar band with Jerry and Tony (called Uncle Funk.)

Tony Levin, we will assume, is familiar to the reader, since this is his site.

The Music

The band will, of course, be playing most of the music from the new cd, Waters of Eden. In addition there are plans to work up a couple of more familiar pieces, and we're working on a very new piece, specifically for the tour. There may be some improvs in the show too.

Jerry will be playing his Yamaha drum kit and some Taos drums. Larry will play a combination of synths. Jesse will play both acoustic and electric guitars. Tony will play the Music Man fretless bass, a little fretted bass, the NS Electric Upright and cello, and perhaps a piece or two on the Chapman Stick.

Larry Fast

Larry, rehearsing in garage.

Jerry Marotta

Jerry - no, he doesn't need the wheelchair.

Jesse Gress

Jesse at rehearsal.

Other Info

The tour bookings above are updated as we get permission from the promotors to mention them. (sometimes they're planned, but not confirmed, in which case it becomes confusing to advertise them.)
We will remove tour dates as they're completed.

Doing the sound engineering on the tour will be Robert Frazza, who engineered (and recorded) the last Bruford Levin Upper Extremities tour, as well as recording the Waters of Eden cd.

On the June leg of the tour, there will be a band bus. We're sure to assemble enough stories and photos from that bus to start another web page for just that. It'll be linked to from here.


Regarding merchandising at the shows: we will of course have the new cd there. We're straining to get tour t-shirts made in time for the first shows. If not ready then, they'll appear soon after.
There will be some copies of other Papa Bear cd's (including the new Blue Nights) but space limitations may mean there are limited copies at the shows of those.
We are hoping to have copies of Larry Fast's Synergy cd's there.
Tony and the band will be available after most shows to autograph cd's.
Tour t-shirts, with or without the dates on back, will be available through Papa Bear Records online ordering, after the tour.

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