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Band at bus Jesse, Jerry drums on bus
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June 10 / Ft. Collins

A long day for us. Left Boulder for short drive to Ft. Collins. The club is a bit funky - soundcheck took much longer than usual (p.a. talkback coming thru the guitar amp??!!) And the area behind the club was pretty funky too - we quickly decided to leave someone on the bus at all times, to be sure it'd still be there after the show!
Actually, the club reminded us a lot of the Joyous Lake, back in Woodstock, where we started the tour (except for the p.a. and monitor problems here.) Anyway, a good show, then back in the bus and on to Salt Lake City.

Ft Collins marquee

June 11 / Salt Lake City

Yay - a very nice hotel! We needed this. Checked in mid-morning, and had much of the day (till 5pm) to relax and catch up with non-bus life. Then over to the Zephyr, nearby, and soundcheck for the gig here.
The show at the Zephyr was very nice, though we'd have liked to have more people there! In attendance was Paul Richards of the California Guitar Trio - it must have been strange for him, in the audience, hearing the part on Waters of Eden that he played on the record.
Ft Collins marquee Paul reminded me that coming up in July we have a string of shows in Quebec with CGT plus me. It will be an adjustment for me, leaving the lineup of this tour - but we'll do more of this lineup in the Fall (and more with CGT, in Japan, in November.)
I spoke today to Pete Morticelli, of Magna Carta Records. He's looking ahead to the release (now in August) of the next Bozzio Levin Stevens cd - title will be Situation Dangerous. As usual, he'd like to see us tour - and we've got to start making plans now if we're to do that. There's also a chance I'll do a promo jaunt through Europe to talk to the press about that release.

Ft Collins marquee

June 13 / Cotati, CA

We thought this show, being in a small town, might be a low point in the tour. Couldn't be more wrong.
First, the drive, from Utah over the mountains, was pretty brutal - very long, and nothing waiting at the other end but a Motel 6. Then today a heat wave arrived (I think it went to 104 degrees here.) Soundcheck was a sweatbath. But the people here at the Inn at the Beginning are very nice, and had talked up the show. Lots of people came, and their enthusiasm helped us overcome the heat. (With sweat rolling down my face as I sang Elephant Talk, I reminded myself of Adrian Belew, whom I've watched in the same predicament many times onstage with Crimson.)
cotati A big event at the show for us: we finally felt up to trying Back in New York City in the show. Jerry singing - it went surprisingly well (there are lots of... danger points, and we haven't had much time to practice it. Jerry still has to read the lyrics.) So that will be a treat from now on, for any oldtime Genesis fans who happen on our show.

June 15 / Santa Cruz

This was a very good one for us. First, the weather suddenly cooled, and after two days above 100 degrees, that was a blessing. Dave Morrison, mgr. of Palookaville in Santa Cruz had done some great promotion for our show there, and made us very welcome at the club. (Some not-so-subtle hints were posted around the dressing room and stage, indicating that he'd love to hear us perform Back In NYC - which we happily did.
a Hint

the band Engineer Robert Frazza
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